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HSC- Useful Links

The following links may assist you as you prepare for the HSC. Information regarding examination procedures, timetables and study notes can all be found on the following sites. If you have another site that you use to help then please let me know so that I can add it to this list.

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  •  (Past HSC multiple choice questions & sample answers)
  •  (Resources for the majority of HSC subjects in both Prelim and HSC years)
  •  (Personalised site which will give you access to resources which match the subjects you are studying for the HSC. Your BOS pin is required to access this site)
  •  (Student based site providing notes and resources which may help)
  •  (Another student based site providing resources)
  •  (There are thousands of books available for free on this site. Google has scanned numerous preview copies and out of print books. Most of the HSC study guides are available. While some will not be full versions there are many that are and will give you another resource)
  •  - Over 3100 videos on maths, physics, economics, history and biology that may help you to understand a concept in another way.
  •  - A great range of podcasts covering all the major topics in biology. You can subscribe to these in iTunes as well. 
  • Glossary of Key Terms (pdf, 99 KB) - The Glossary is used to help students prepare better for the HSC by showing them that certain key words are used similarly in examination questions across the different subjects they are studying.